Kitchen & Cabinet LED Lighting Assemblies with Accessories

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Kitchen Cabinets
Kitchen Cabinets Kitchen Lighting
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Kitchen Cabinets

by Millennia Technologies, Inc.

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LED equip
Mounting hardware included.
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Above and under cabinet type light bar.

Different lengths may plug together end to end, for matching various cabinet lengths. 
Fits any cable named "LED BAR".

DP- 9F2    8"  2.3 Watts
DP-15F2 12"    3 Watts  
DP-20F2 20"    5 Watts  
DP-24F2 24" 5.5 Watts  
DP-40F2 40"  10 Watts  

Measure the total distance of cabinets and subtract 4 inches to allow the maximum light bar length.

DP Light Bar Length Options
LED Light Bars  Learn More About Light Bars pdf icon                        More about Large Light Bars pdf icon

LED equip
Has System Male & Female connectors.  Mounting hardware included.
♦ Very bright & low power consumption
♦ Operating temperature: -20° to 50°C
♦ More than 50,000 hours life
♦ 2700K warm white, 120° viewing angle
♦ 295 Lum. & 4.3 Watts/Foot
♦ 24VDC maximum
♦ Dimmable = longer life
♦ Waterproof  IP67

DPI-  8F2     8"  2.5 Watts
DPI-12F5   12"     4 Watts
DPI-16F2   16"     6 Watts
DPI-20F2   20"     7 Watts
DPI-24F2   24"     8 Watts
DPI-28F2   28"     9 Watts
DPI-32F2   32"     9 Watts
DPI-36F2   36"   12 Watts
DPI-40F2   40"   14 Watts

Measure the total distance of cabinets and subtract 4 inches to allow the maximum light bar length.

DPI Length Options
Inner Cabinet Small Bars Learn More About Inner Cabinet Lighting Assembly pdf icon

LED Power Supply
Has System Male connector.  Plugs directly into Inner Cabinet small bars and RGB light bars.
Uses PS LEDBar cable for the LED Lightbars (above).
24VDC Output
  Power & Type    
  36 Watts (30 watt LED load) 
48 Watts (40 watt LED load) 
60 Watts (50 watt LED load) 
96 Watts (80 watt LED load)  

Power Supply Wattage Options
LED Power Supply 

Recessed Puck Light

Puck Light

3 Watts
3000K CCT warm white
210 Lumens

$36.94 for
Standard Silver

LED Puck Light
Color Selection
LED Puck Light    click photo for larger view 

Screw in LEDs
8 Watt   520 Lumens

Screw in LEDs
12 Watt   800 Lumens
Beam angle  360°
Warm White:  70 Lumen / Watt
Neutral White:  75 Lumen / Watt
Cool White:  80 Lumen / Watt
CRI > 81,     E26 Base
Environmental Temp. -20° to 45°C
Housing Temp.  < 62°C
Input 110VAC / 240VAC

   8 Watt   520 Lumens
10 Watt   690 Lumens
12 Watt   800 Lumens
LED 360
Incandescent Replacement
LED 360° Incandescent Replacements (E26 = 26mm (one-inch) Medium Edison Screw Base)

solid spacer Screw in LEDs
9 Watt  PAR30

Screw in LEDs
12 Watt   PAR38
Special Long Neck design to properly fit recessed cans.
40° and 80° beam angle options.
E26 Base     Warm White
Dimmable power 110 - 130VAC

PAR30   40°
PAR30   80°
PAR38   40°
PAR38   80°
Long Neck LED
for Incandescent Replacement
Dimmable LED Floodlight Replacements (E26 = 26mm (one-inch) Medium Edison Screw Base)
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     LED Sign Lighting        LED Billboards


LED equip
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You need at least one of these in each system to get a Large Bar system started.

System female connector.


PS to LED Bar

PS to LED Bar  

LED equip
solid spacer Connects a LEDLIGHTBAR to LEDLIGHTBAR.  Allows corners.

Adds a system male connector for power feed. 


LEDBAR Power Split

LEDBAR Power Split 

LED equip
Connects two LightBars together.

Allows corners.




LED equip
solid spacer
For increasing distance.
May connect between:
power supply & switch, or
PS LEDBAR cable, or
switch & PS LEDBAR cable

Has system male & female connector.


Select Length
Extension Cord 

LED equip
solid spacer
Splits power into 2 or more connections. 

Can allow power supply to be in middle or center of multiple lighting units rather than at one end.

Has system female with multiple male connectors.

Power Splitting Cable

LED equip
solid spacer
Mounted inside of cabinets for On/Off control when opened or closed.

Has system male & female connector.
Cabinet Light On-Off Swt     $17.65

Cabinet Light On-Off Swt
Cabinet Light On/Off Switch 

LED equip
solid spacer Has system male & female connector.

Allows dimming for whole system, OR for different sections of one system with Transverter or Power Split cables.
Low Voltage Dimmer     $11.76

Low Voltage Dimmer
for Cabinet LEDs

DIMDP - Low Voltage Dimmer  

Aluminum Enclosure front Aluminum Enclosure rear

Height     7"
Width      4"
Depth      2"


Aluminum Housing
for a Power Supply

Aluminum Housing for Power Supply 
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